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Importation Obstacles

PITA has identified and listed core obstacles that they have been facing with the Israeli side as the following:

1- the additional complexities imposed by Israel on the import of IT spare parts and devices that are listed under the dual-use, specifically those that have network cards and network connectivity capabilities

2-the  fees and import obstacles as well as delays related to clearing the spare parts and appliances that are covered by manufacturer warranty that are requested by the companies’ maintenance centers

3-Do not take any unilateral action by the Israeli side regarding changing the import requirements without the prior coordination and approval with the Palestinian public side and the private sector association to be officially informed about this new procedure. There is a need of a permanent and trusted import regulation information channel at the Ministry of Economy to to update PITA members on new Israeli import regulations

4-Work to fix and cap the time required for the process to conduct the tests on imported equipment and to obtain the necessary security approvals from the Israeli side. As is, these procedures are subject to excessive mood behavior, not time-bound, and disrupts the delivery of the products to clients and disrupts the supply chain function without rational justification.

5-Israeli acceptance of the tests and certificates provided by the Palestinian Standards Institute or other international certificates to facilitate obtaining the annual exemption and import license and to grant the PITA members with the import exemption license number to import all varieties for all devices.

6- Employ the annual import license number in lieu of requesting an import permit clearance for each shipping and consignment invoice.

7-Employ the adoption of the signing of the Palestinian lawyer instead of Israeli legal practice one.

8-Eliminate the list of items that have been restricted since the 01/02/2013 and needs to be approved by the Israeli Ministry of Communications prior to importing

9-Cancellation of the requirement to provide the Israeli Ministry of Communications (communications officer) a copy of the entire shipping list as a requirement for obtaining the approval of the ministry, where he is supposed to as it was before submitting the application for product categories only.

10-To facilitate the entry of goods into East Jerusalem, especially those that are exempt (or also known as 0 Tax invoice) from the tax department (where the Israeli side require tax invoice for “Maqasa” procedure)

11-To facilitate the procedure of the entry of goods into Gaza and the abolition of all supply chain and logistics obstacles.

12-Since imports are done to Palestinian Authority areas, all varieties of imported ICT products, accessories and spare parts and inks should only comply to the requirements set by the Palestinian 13-Support the right of our companies politically and legally to obtain commercial agencies and be an independent value-added resellers to international firms in Palestine, and to enhance the competitive agent through the Palestinian legislative and legal system standards Institute and the Palestinian ministry of economy

14.The companies are not updated about the importation requirements especially when there are new ones.

15. PSI certifications are not considered by Israeli side

16. Delay in equipment inspection by the Israeli Ministry of Telecommunication

17. Delay in security Check

18. Strike at ports and airports which increases the shipments cost

19. Companies are not updated about changes in the fees of ports, airports, storage, …”

20. No alternative for “”TAKEN”” test and in most cases, the source of origin for the product is required to match the specifications of the PSI

21.The Israeli clearance agent usually exploits the Palestinian companies especially in issuing the security and Telecommunications permits, and there is no qualified and trusted Palestinian alternative

22. Lack of trust between the companies and the Palestinian agents who are taking the advantage of inability of Palestinian companies to reach the ports”

23.Standards Tests

24. Energy tests

25.Trust with the agent

26. Security checks

27.Unlimited time and cost for an order.

28. High cost for clearance

29. Restrictions on some wireless equipment

30. Special permission issue”

31. To cancel the additional complexities to import spare parts and dual-use devices that have the network exits.

32. To cancel all fees and obstacles related to derail the introduction of parts and appliances covered by warranty for maintenance centers approved

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