Cisco and ASAL


Cisco Systems the global networking and communications technology and services started working with ASAL Technologies in 2008, on software development projects based on building an R&D team.

Cisco’s Active Network Abstraction (ANA) is a vendor-neutral device management system that doubles as an enabling platform for value-added network and service management applications in a multi-technology, multi-service network environment.
ASAL is engaged on the ANA Simulator, a tool for testing ANA with large numbers of practical network devices. A network device is 'recorded’ using the Recorder component of the simulator. The resulting image is used by the Player component to simulate the device. With this tool, an arbitrary number of recorded devices can be simulated and used to test ANA. The project is to improve the current version of the Simulator, to be the able to cover all ANA testing needs related to network device.

ASAL is providing the following: System Development, Testing and QA, Find creative solutions to current Simulator limitations, Design and Development of new features, Interface design and development, Testing and Documentation.

Benefits include timeline reduction, enabling Cisco to get their products faster, and increase revenues and market share; Cost saving, cutting operational costs to more than 50, fast development, ASAL can complete critical work and send it to Cisco the next day, access to professional, expert and high-quality people and services.