GloPal - The Palestine Global IT Network


GloPal - Palestine's Global IT Network
“A whole New State of Mind”
The Palestinian IT Association has been working to create a global support network for the Palestinian IT industry. The network will provide linkages and opportunities for Palestinian companies, entrepreneurs, and IT professionals to develop and link with opportunities outside the boundaries of Palestine and the region.
The Palestine’s Global IT Network concept is based around engaging skilled members of Palestine’s friends and Diaspora and tapping into their resources, knowledge, and contacts.  Such utilization will be focused on placing Palestine on the global ICT map.  
The Objective
The network’s aim is to provide professional input and support to the implementation of the 3-year strategic plan for the development of the IT Industry covering the following area:
Professional Advice on programs drafted under the strategy
Act as ambassadors and representatives to Palestine’s IT industry
Creating linkages between Palestinian IT businesses and professionals and the rest of the world
Be part of Palestine’s IT industry branding initiative
Knowledge & skills sharing
Assisting entrepreneurs to build successful start-ups
Mentoring and coaching of Palestinian IT businesses and entrepreneurs
Who can be a member?
We are interested to invite high value individuals who are interested in the following:  
  1. Be a catalyst to the growth of the Palestinian economy and the ICT sector in particular
  2. Have the knowledge, the contacts, and the time needed to help the network grow and support its development objectives.
  3. Grow their career outside the boundaries of the US.
The Experts Groups are:
The Academia – Industry Partnership: Development of Human capacity and R&D in IT.
ICT Enterprise Development & Market Penetration.
ICT Sector Branding Strategy.
Advocacy and enhancement of the ICT business environment.

Contact Us
For more information, please contact:

Anan Abu Rmieleh - PR and Communication Officer (Ramallah Office) at 

Lina Shamia - Projects Officer (Gaza Office) at