Sector Branding

PITA is the voice of the ICT sector in West Bank and Gaza...Our brand is a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit of the people of our country.  There is no greater voice for our brand than those who comprise our industry sector. 

The Opportunity!

ICT is not just part of the economy; it has the opportunity to be the driving force behind all elements of the economy, a movement for positive social change, a contributor to education, and a means of placing Palestine on the global economic stage.

Benefits of sector branding

Creating a brand for the Palestinian technology sector harnesses the power of a unique selling proposition, distinctive values and market loyalty to grow the sector in priority markets. Brand identity provides focus, direction and meaning. For a highly diversified industry sector, the unifying power of a brand offers its affiliated companies, individuals and institutions a shared identity and an opportunity to project equal business stature with international partners. Perhaps even more importantly, bringing brand orientation to the sector helps to create an atmosphere of business and marketing best practices.

Brand orientation offers Palestinian companies the chance to transform their business culture into the kind of creative, empowered environment that fosters innovation and encourages the formation of new business models. Established companies can refresh or reinvent, and startups can aspire to creating the next new breakthrough business idea.

A sector brand provides a framework in which all types of companies benefit from brand power. Brands sell and stimulate profitable growth. Thus, the brand development initiative is expected to yield high return on investment for Palestinian ICT companies.

Setting the strategy

In cooperation with an international branding expert, we have been able to build a branding strategy based on scientific references, viable research methods, and meetings with relevant stakeholders. The strategy is driven by the presence of a visionary leadership that goes beyond the general management role and is able to bring diverse interests to coalesce behind a unified brand.

In the process of setting the strategy, the brand's status has been assessed and an interim brand team has been formed to resemble the brand leader. This team  has invested its time and resources in information gathering to define the brand and reveal positioning of the sector. Such efforts, has enabled PITA to identify the sector's brand focus in terms of sub-sector options, price/quality stance, target markets and competitive advantages.