PITA invites IT students to launch its Employability Program:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

PITA invites IT students to launch its Employability Program:


The Palestinian IT Association of Companies (PITA) has invited IT students registered in the program to its headquarters in Ramallah on October 10, 2013. The invitation has meant to introduce the students from different Palestinian universities to the activities of the program and all needed training courses.

Twenty four students who have graduated from 5 different universities (Birzeit University, Al Najah University, AAUJ, Al Quds University and Palestine Polytechnic University) have attended the launch event. All participating students are graduates of IT, computer science and computer engineering.

A comprehensive presentation that manifests every training course, its features and applications have been provided by Mohammad Musleh, the Business Development Manager at PITA, to provide all participants with a clear understanding of the program and direct them toward the courses that perfectly match their skills, professional orientation, and field of study.

An interactive discussion has taken place allowing students to raise their concerns, express their IT interests and discuss numerous opportunities that can be customized to serve their interests and aspirations.

Ultimately, every student has become able to choose the right courses to attend, and accordingly, have signed the contracts to begin a joyful journey of professional development. After a series of advanced training courses, the chosen IT graduates are expected to engage in the Palestinian high-tech community, secure good positions and/or internship opportunities at Palestinian ICT companies and add value to their workplaces and the Palestinian ICT sector.


As part of the Human Capital Development, one of PITA’s main pillars, the association has launched its employability program on March 18, 2013. The program aims to bridge the gap between Palestinian IT graduates’ skills and IT skills needed in the workplace in order to deliver market-ready graduates and skilled IT labor to the Palestinian ICT sector. Activities of the program have started after conducting a gap analysis research to investigate the gap’s impact on the sector and find the best practices to tackle it.