Technopal - High quality surveillance systems through low bandwidth

High quality surveillance systems through low bandwidth

Making live Control rooms with low bitrates channels


The Challenge

The main challenge is that the customer has lot of remote sites that have very limited channel bandwidth, and in the same time, need security systems to azure the safe of the sites. Our team at Technopal establishes a very stable Control room that monitors all the remote sites with the ability to communicate, activate, and secure these remote sites with very small bitrates available.

The Solution

A lot of development on dedicated hardware and related software with enhanced partnerships internally and abroad.

People. Technology. Infrastructure.

Number of engineers: 5

Number of employees: 13

Number of implementations: 35

Number of servers: 2

Product mix and range of offerings: Surveillance system

Number of end-users served: 100

The Technology

Compressed SQL sized database for all the recorded events…The first in Palestine.

The Business Case

Huge money saving… Our customer can provide some numbers later.

To assure on time on budget product delivery, we provide.

- The highest technology needed with the best solution provided.

- Our SLA was more than appreciated by the customer.

- Meeting the exact customer's need with a direct solution.

For post-sale follow-up: training, integration and customer service, we avail:

- Internal capacity building

- Internal motivation

- Efficient planning

- Wise management

Brand Attributes

Meeting due dates, goodwill, high quality solutions, having the “know how”, expertise, frankness and the challenging environment are what make us a leader in the Palestinian market.

The customer security and safety comprises our unique business. Technopal copes with the latest technologies to serve the customers’ needs with the best available services. We do have partnerships with local, regional, and international vendors and organizations that allow us to bring the latest technologies to the Palestinian market. Our company is part of JoinMed Research activity, iMobility national team, PITA, and JEA.

Technopal is an internationally certified data- center design professional, and it possesses an international certificate for cabling installation with a warranty of 20 years.

International Presence:

Our solutions have also penetrated other international markets like USA, UK, and Germany.

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