ProGineer and PDF Solutions


ProGineer ( is a well-established Palestinian software outsourcing company working with PDF Solutions (, a NASADQ registered company based in Silicon Valley, California. PDF is a respected leader in the field of yield improvement technologies and services for the Integrated Circuits (IC) manufacturing process life cycle. PDF Solutions has several offices: USA, France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, China and Japan. 

ProGineer started working with PDF in mid 2010 with a 10-person team. Today, ProGineer has over 25 engineers working closely with PDF’s internal teams and its respective customers across the globe, including Sony, Toshiba, Phillips, Texas Instruments and many others. ProGineer is heavily involved in the development of advanced software for the semiconductor industry. The team’s extensive experience in dealing with huge Oracle databases, complex GUI’s built with .NET and services based on advanced JAVA technologies provide great value to PDF’s software development plans. ProGineer also provides advanced Quality Assurance services which automate the testing of PDF’s software offerings. The data integration and support teams at ProGineer also support PDF’s clients on a daily basis and travel to customer sites for advanced onsite services, as needed.