OFFTEC Transforms Food Coupon Distribution Program

OFFTEC transforms Food Coupon Distribution Program

"We really need to continue and we are sending the message that this type of e-vouchers – digital food – can help empower the economy of Palestine.."

Josette Sheeran - WFP Executive Director


The Challenge

The WFP (The UN World Food Programme) has been the leading program in providing assistance for the poor in the West bank and Gaza, through distributing paper food vouchers for the beneficiaries covering approximately 5,500 families in urban cities.

In this act of humanity,, WFP faced a huge challenge delivering this support:  the vouchers didn’t provide a database that allowed the WFP to follow up and develop the system, the operational and distribution costs to beneficiaries were extremely high, account reconciliation with WFP cooperating partners was time consuming and exhausting .

In order to remove this challenge, the WFP was in need of an integrated turnkey solution that enabled them to follow up, organize, and develop the program outreach, and ofacilitate the process for the beneficiaries.


The Solution

The solution deployed was a turnkey solution for an Electronic Voucher System (EVS) that was secure and scalable system, and  that met  all of WFP’s requirements. OFFTEC’s  solution has the idea of atransforming coupon/physical vouchers (money vouchers) into an automatic electronic and online voucher system (Digital Food Vouchers). The system’s components comprised of the following main parts:


The software component is divided in the following module

•             The Main EVS Application – where authorized users may setup all features of the system and extract inquiries and reports.

•             The Cooperating Partners Application – where authorized CP users can interact with the system mainly to view transactions

•             The POS Terminal Application – where distributors and beneficiaries perform transactions on the system

The EVS system proposed is secure, highly available, scalable and built using the latest Microsoft technologies including MS SQL Server.

The software provided an interface to a database containing data needed for the process of distributing items, e.g. milk, yoghurt, sugar, flour, egg, bread, vegetable oil, cheese,   to beneficiaries through distributions points, it provides each distributor the possibility to update distribution data or prevent him from doing so according to specified criteria related to the beneficiary identification and his balance. Payments to beneficiaries are made electronically whereby the beneficiaries’ money is top-up into th+F5eir cards with specific and variable amounts based on criteria set by WFP. It also provided the ability to extract, online, statistics and feedback into food consumption.


The hardware component is divided into:

•             POS Terminal with GPRS Terminals/communications from Hypercom

•             Meganac connection device for the terminals from Hypercom

•             encryption device from Cisco

•             Card printers from Data-card

•             Personalized Magnetic Cards

People. Technology. Infrastructure.

Number of engineers: 5

Number of employees: 46

Number of implementations: 3

Number of servers: 2

Product mix and range of offerings: Software

Number of end-users served: 57,000 beneficiaries


The Technology

The technology and solution helped WFP transferring from paper food vouchers, that was extremely costly in terms of secure printing, distribution, fraud and lack of any accurate reporting on food and Palestinian family consumption (beneficiaries), into an online system transforming the paper vouchers into Digital food vouchers.

The product was  built on a platform that serves as a hybrid model. The platform could accommodate e-Loyalty systems (e.g. our e-Points e-Loyalty programme, which is the most advanced e-Loyalty system in the world that offers regional and international accumulation and redemption), e-voucher, e-Top-up, e-Payment,, etc.


The Business Case

The ROI on WFO migration from paper voucher to e-vouchers was less than 9 months.

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