NetStream Company For Internet Services

NetStream Company For Internet Services
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NetStream Company is the outcome of synergy between five leading companies in the field of communication systems and information technology. NetStream provides the services of supply and installation of communication equipments, internet services, and consultancy and network solutions. This synergy aims at achieving a leap in providing the most advanced technology solutions through a team with practical experiences in the field of communication and information technology which gained from working at big companies in this field. Net Stream also aims at developing the national leaders to cope with international market demands. The success of Netstream Company lies on the talented strong management which always endeavors to develop and enhance the company’s staff, and respect their talents and creative thinking which all lead ultimately to the current progress of NetStream. The company is distinctive in term of service provision for large and small companies and around the clock (24 hours /7 days a week) technical support which ensures end users satisfaction. Netstream aspires to create unique and effective communication with the local community of Palestine that contributes to achieving the community ambitions and promoting the capabilities.

internet provision, communication systems and information technology

Type of Relation Sought: 
- Raise the efficiency of the Internet in Palestine launching new technologies such as the Bit Stream Access - Providing unparalleled technical services through unrivaled technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a specialized team - Internet solutions provider at high speeds for medium and large enterprises

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- Provide the latest communication systems & information technology and internet services to individuals & companies with high quality like BSA and WIFI - ICT Consulting. - Integrated communication networking solutions (wire and wireless) - Internet services - Software development - Networking and maintenance. - Projects management.

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The environment of our clients has become increasingly complex, and seems to be ever changing. More than ever technology is the driving force to create a market position. The breakthrough of the Internet and phenomenal growth of Mobile communications are the best examples. “Netstream provides customers with communications products and services that help them improve productivity and security. The company also delivers technology-based solutions to meet their specific challenges focusing on the best fit for technology, performance, reliability and price.”

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Eng. Moutaz Yousef Mushtaha
Eng. Moutaz Yousef Mushtaha


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Gaza - Alremal -Shuhada Street Against Asdeqaa Al mareed