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Mada Al Arab
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Mada is a Palestinian company specialized in providing the internet service and its value added services, it was established in the year 2010, and has been licensed to provide the internet service through the BSA and broadband systems from the ministry of telecommunication and information technology. Mada made huge successes in a small period of time, and it is now considered one of the largest internet service providers in Palestine. Mada is one of the few companies that are providing its services in the whole country, since its services are provided in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Mada exclusively provides special services to its customers like introducing data connectivity between West Bank and Gaza, new internet speeds in addition to the regular speeds provided in the Palestinian market, trusted security solutions and many other business solutions. Through its own fiber line, which connects Mada to Haifa and then to London and Frankfurt, Mada has its own international resources, and can provide its customers with data connectivity to any location on the globe. Mada sees its mission in leading the change in the internet market in Palestine and making the internet a mean rather being a goal. Mada decided that its customers deserve its care and full respect, through fulfilling their needs and providing high quality services that satisfies their wants. Mada proved that it is capable of fulfilling its customers’ needs and wants and providing them with high quality services, in which it gained their trust. This was reflected in being the fastest growing company working in this field in the country, and becoming the second largest internet service provider in Palestine.

Internet Service Provider and related Value Added Services for corporate and residential customers through wired and wireless technologies in Palestine (West Bank & Gaza)

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Government, NGOS, International NGOS, & Corporate clients

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Amjad GHosheh
Co-Founder & Operations Manager


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Al Bireh City, AL Sharafeh, AL Shaikh Tower, 2nd floor
Ramallah and Al-Bireh