Coolnet Internet Service Provider

Coolnet Internet Service Provider
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Coolnet was founded on the structure of partnership and joint venture with the most reputable companies worldwide of the telecom manufacturing industry, today we provide broadband solutions and wireless network tailoring, design and implementation in accordance to global standards and at best efficiency. Owned, operated and managed by Coolnet our private network today outbounds all available infrastructure in terms of capacity and widespread, our broadband network fully envelops the Palestinian Territories with the best wireless services available in Palestine, our services have been proven of Fiber-Air quality due to its stability, our professional tuning and frequency analysis techniques. Through the course of the past years Coolnet successfully deployed over 12 turnkey projects of wireless networks and operator infrastructure in the middle east, operating between Jordan, Turkey even South Africa we were contracted for the erection of the wireless network of the first network operator in the various cities. Coolnet is considered an ideal partner to all USAID offices, NGO’s, Palestinian companies, institutes, banks, project management services and European Union offices in Palestine, this is only addressed to us as we deliver high end tailored solutions to meet each and every clients’ business needs for current and future progressions as primary concern. Coolnet is your logical choice when you think of the best wireless solution one that is consistent with the ever developing technologies and overlapping solutions, you need a business partner to trust, why not us!

Broadband solutions and wireless network tailoring, design and implementation in accordance to global standards and at best efficiency.

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Key Projects: 
1. USAID-AMIDEAST MSN (Modern Schools Network) Project. 2. FLAGSHIP USAID Project. 3. EUROPOL COPPS. 4. JDECO

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1. Hebron Municipality 2. Sbitany appliances. 3. Ministry of Finance 4. Quds Bank 5. Bisan Systems 6. Yellow Pages 7. Ministry of Health 8. Price Water House Coopers 9. Palestine Monetary Authority 10. Ramallah Municipality 11. PICTI 12. PBC 13. Nassar Group 14. Jericho Resort 15. Palestine Ahliya University 16. Amideast 17. Al-Quds Newspaper 18. Jericho Municipality 19. Palestine Technical University 20. Ambassador Hotel

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Hani Alami


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Al-Quds Main Str., Bld., 6 - Ramallah
Ramallah and Al-Bireh
4570 Al-Bireh