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Art Technologies
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Art Technologies is a professional corporate that mainly addresses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as well as Business Intelligence Systems (BI). It provides its clients with total integrated technical solutions, which eventually help them to pave the way towards fulfilling greater profits and objectives. Our business services enable organizations and institutions to make informed decisions as well as leveraging utilization of technology in order to enhance organizational performance by automating business processes in a reliable and cost- effective way. Our services exceed the abovementioned categories to include training, whether in- class or on- site, generic or customized training as well as providing a wide range of application design and development services. In order to commit to providing high quality services, Art Technologies has formed a professional team that has proven track records and collectively long years of experience in the fields of our services. Moreover, Art Technologies has chosen to partner with international reputable companies that are specialized in providing GIS/BI solutions such as QlikView, Basarsoft, BitneyBowes, and Softec. In terms of years, Art Technologies is indeed a novel company, but in terms of achievements, the company has developed an impressive record as it has succeeded to build firm work relationships with many Palestinian major companies including Jawwal, Wataniya Mobile, Northern Electricity Company (NEDCO), and the Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Business Intelligence Software Development

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Service Provider in the company abovementioned fields of specialty.

Key Projects: 
- Jawwal: Fleet Tracking & Mangement As RFQ No:452 - NDC: Upgrade and Development of NDC Portals (Website and GIS) - NEDCO: GIS Consultation - TAHATEK: Lechner project/ costing module - Wataniya Mobile: GIS Consultation - Palestinian Civil Police (PCP): Software Development for the management of PCP Warehouses and vehicle service centers

Key Clients: 
Jawwal Wataniya Mobile Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology Northen Electricity Company (NEDCO) NGO Development Center

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Ali Taha
General Manager

+970 (2) 2423338
+970 599 201920
+970 (2)2423339

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Ramallah, Al- Balou, Al-Mahseri Building
Ramallah and Al-Bireh