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2i Software
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2i Software is a company that was established in 2005 to: 1. Support the growing need for data integration and utilization of “Big Data.” 2. Provide state of the art e-Government solutions. 3. Help International clients to tap into the Palestinian talent by providing flexible staff augmentation and managed service models based on clients needs.

We utilize the .NET platform to provide the following services: 1. Business Intelligence. 2. Portals Development. 3. Staff Augmentation and Managed Services. 4. Custom Software

Type of Relation Sought: 
1. Potential clients that are seeking software partners with proficient knowledge that can: -better assist in data utilization. -provide extensive managed services and/or staff augmentation services. -establish and maintain their custom applications. 2. Joint Ventures.

Key Projects: 
Data Integration Project: A series of large projects that collect data from 1,600 different sites throughout continental USA into one data warehouse and then generating reports to clients ranging from large pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Novartis, Elly Lilly to small clinics interested in benchmarking their performance to our panel. Maltese Ministry of Education: 2i has been a major player in implementing Malta's e-government strategy. the Maltese Ministry of Education portal is one of many projects 2i did for the Maltese government.

Key Clients: 
Market Dynamics, Inc. (Chicago, IL, USA) VetScene Inc. (Atlanta, GA, USA) Maltese Government (Malta, Europe)

Contact Information

Ghassan Mustafa Sufran
Operations Manager


Address Information

Al-Mahseeri Center #2
Ramallah and Al-Bireh